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Locates in the heart of Tianhe , Only 5-minute away to Guangzhou East Railway Station , where you could take the express train to HongKong , or take subway to every direction in Guangzhou . 40 minutes you could drive to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport , and 20 minutes to Huangpu Guangzhou Economic & Technology Development District. If you are a buyer or exhibitor , Pazhou International Convention Center is only 15-minute driving away.

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  • BaiYun Mountain

    Baiyun Mountain (known locally as White Clouds Mountain) is located in north of Guangzhou city. It is named “the most beautiful place in the “Sheep City” (the nick name of Guangzhou City is “Sheep City”)”, and it is also one of the first 4A Grade interest places in China. This mountain is clustered round by over 30 ridges, with an area of 28 square kilometers. The highest peak is Moxing Ridge, 382 meters above the sea. When the sun shines again after the rain, white clouds are twisting the peaks, the green mountain and refreshing water are enshrined in the boundless sea of clouds, hence came the name of Baiyun (white cloud) Mountain.

  • Canton Tower

    Canton Tower, also known as Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, is a tower near Chigang Pagoda, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong. It is one of the world’s most spectacular new buildings, which was topped-out in 2009 and became operational in 2010. The tower is designed by Dutch Barbara couples. The designers' aim was to design a free-form tower with a rich and human-like identity that would represent Guangzhou as a dynamic and exciting city. They also wanted it would look as if ‘in movement’ and ‘alive’. The result is the tower, very slender and tall, that bears similarities with the figure of a female. Then it earned the nickname: ‘Tiny-waist’. The interior of the tower is divided into several zones. 'A' zone begins from a climb tower hall on the second floor. There is an outdoor observation deck on this floor, which is the best place to watch the Guangzhou tower body structure. The third floor is the banquet hall and multifunctional ’conference rooms, and it is suitable for parties and a big meeting. ‘B’ area is a 3d and 4d cinema. Between ‘C’ and ‘D’ zones is spider-man road, it is the world's longest spiral aerial ladder. There are 1096 steps, about one km, and each level has three pieces of transparent glass. Standing on it will be very unforgettable. 103 to 106 layers are dining rooms. There are two of the world's highest revolving restaurants. The food is very fresh and delicious. 107 and 108 layers have two sightseeing halls, which are cloud and starry sky themed respectively. Tourists can have a bird's-eye view of the beautiful scenery of both the Guangzhou New City and the Pearl River. It is amazing and exciting. On the 450-meter-high rooftop of Canton Tower, there is the world’s highest Ferris wheel. Visitors can take the world’s highest Ferris wheel to take the panoramic views of Guangzhou and feel as if the sky and clouds are at fingertips. In a word, Canton tower is a large urban infrastructure with sightseeing tours, radio and television transmission, entertainment and urban window functions. It is a landmark building in Guangzhou.

  • LiZhiWan Creek

    Located in the heart of Xiguan and adjacent to the Pearl River, Lizhiwan Creek is home to the former sites of many famous people and gardens as well as a well-known scenic spot in Guangzhou. Address: Longjin Road West, Liwan District, Guangzhou

  • Pearl River Night Cruise

    The Pearl River surrounds Guangzhou like a ribbon. You can cruise the Pearl River at night and enjoy the beautiful scenes on both banks. Guangzhou Star boasts many luxury cruises and is a designated reception unit of Guangdong Provincial Government and Guangzhou Municipal Government to receive the state leaders and important foreign guests. Address: Tianzi Wharf, Beijing Road South, Guangzhou Blue Dolphin Fleet boasts cruise ships with Chinese elements that are currently a highlight of the Pearl River Night Cruise and serve as one of means of water transport for foreign visitors to enjoy the beautiful night scenes in Guangzhou. Address: Dashatou Wharf, Guangzhou